Become a Very Important Ploughman

If you would like to join us for exclusive VIP benefits……..

shutterstock_155376188You can become a Very Important Ploughman, Ploughwoman or indeed non gender-specific Ploughperson and enjoy great offers. Beacause we recognise that our regular customers are very important Ploughpeople.

  • Enjoy collecting Weary Points, 5 points for every pound you spend at The Weary Ploughman. 1,000 points gets you a £10 voucher!*
  • Receive special birthday treats!
  • Receive invitations to exclusive VIP events & offers!

Please complete the form below and we will contact you to let you know your card is ready to pick up – hopefully alongside a nice meal and bottle of wine (or exciting non alcoholic alternative) and you can marvel at our exciting IT as it prints out your points total.

VIPVIP Application Form




Legal stuff:
Every £1.00p you spend with us will generate 5 Plough Points (or Weary Points, or whatever catchy marketing title we’ve come up with this week), as long as you present your VIP card at the point of purchase. * Points may not be issued on products or services that have already been discounted by another promotion or are subject to an agreed discounted price. This particularly applies to any accommodation booked through a third party booking agent.

When you have accumulated 1000 Plough Points (£200.00 cumulative spend) we will send you, through the post, a voucher worth £10.00 to spend at the Weary Ploughman Inn. The Voucher is NOT redeemable for cash at Face Value (though legally it has to have a cash value and that value is 10p – every Plough Point having a cash value of £0.001p). The vouchers are fully transferable (they are in-fact our gift vouchers which many people purchase) and can be used by yourself, but do also make great gifts, as they are not tied to any individual.

Completion of this form gives your consent for us to hold the above information and additionally your Land & Mobile Telephone Numbers, if you supply them to us, in our customer database (which is held securely in a GDPR compliant manner). Additionally you give us permission to contact you via email or SMS, depending on what information you have supplied us. We will not pass on, or share, your information to, or with, any organisation or business or individual unless forced by the laws in operation in England & Wales to do so.

You can discontinue being a Very Important Ploughman at any time by, unsubscribing via the link on one of our VIP emails, emailing us at or by writing to us. At this point we will delete all information held about you on our VIP system. Please note that other systems we use, for instance our online Room and Table Booking systems, which are operated by third parties on our behalf, may have also gathered and stored information about you and may also allow us to separately contact you about matters pertaining to those activities. If you would like us to also arrange for deletion of this information as well, can you explicitly ask us to do so in your contact with us – otherwise we will assume you are just asking to be removed from the VIP system.